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News - Mt Victoria Retro Games?

Mt Victoria Retro Games?

I recently spent some time in Christchurch for a conference and have to say was very surprised and heartened by the many changes in the city. It had been several years since I had been there and it was a great chance to wander around (got lost a few times)!

While there I had the chance to visit several community gardens and spaces in and around the inner city area. So many great initiatives by a community greatly affected and it’s so wonderful to see places and spaces that bring folks together after tough times.

One of my favourite areas we visited was The Commons. A real little gem with plenty of sparkle and the best part about it was discovering the “Retro Sports Facility” – a lockable wooden box beside the green that is opened when the space is manned and there for folks to have a play, a run around or try and hit a couple of sixes.

It was great – we threw a frisbee about and had a (failed) go at Hula Hooping.

I thought this would be great thing for some of our green flat spaces on the edge of our town belt.

Things that have a low impact on the area, using old bits and bobs that people have lying around or old gear that is gathering dust. It doesn’t need to be flash, just useable for fun times. And if it goes missing its not the end of the world.

I recently found a few pieces on Freecycle – 3 cricket bats! An old Plunket Frisbee and always keeping an eye open for any other freebies I can get my hands on – so I have stuff to fill a Retro Sports Box in our own wee community if and when I can possibly make it happen and work out the logistics.

If you would like to get involved flick us an email – or call us on 04 3901411.

Who know we might have our very own in no time at all.