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News - Mt Victoria Newsletter – April 2020

Mt Victoria Newsletter – April 2020

Due to Covid-19 we are unable to bring you a physical copy of the newsletter this month. So in light of this, we are going to try and get it to as many folks as we can online. Here it is:

We would love it if you can share this page with as many people as you know in (but not limited to) the Mt Victoria area. We are safely printing some hard copies of the newsletter that can be delivered to folks without access to the internet – if you know of anyone who would like a copy please let us know and we will deliver it to their house. You can email us at or call/text us on 04 3901411 or 021765525

There are pieces from our usual contributors, local heritage information, a puzzle, helpful links and numbers. We will try and bring you regular updates on here each week as we get through this.

We have a colouring-in page, word search, a recipe and some simple home tips for food waste reduction. Here is a link to the Wordsearch puzzle

A few things to note:

Recycling across the city is hold for now – information is available in the newsletter or have a look at the WCC website page here –

We no longer have composting available at the community gardens – please see their Facebook page for regular updates –

For things Covid-19 please always check with the government sites –

Thank you as always for your continued support. You can email us with feedback or with any stories you would like to include in the next newsletter.

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Be Safe, Be well and Be Kind.

Kia Kaha Mt Victoria

Trish and Stella.