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Community Response Plan

Do you know where your nearest emergency hub is in the event of an emergency? Do you know who to contact or what to do? This is page will keep Mt Victorians informed of the what's, where's and when's of the Community Response Plan for our suburb.

Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) together with Mt Victoria and Oriental Bay residents came up the following Community Response Plan and Hub Guide in the event of an emergency situation over several months in 2017.

We will get all the relevent information available to the public over the coming weeks and months. We will also include all neccessary contact information for all Mt Victorians. This information will be updated on an ongoing basis as we learn from and speak to more locals, as they are made aware of the document.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please do get in touch and we will send the feedback on to W.R.E.M.O. –

Mount-Victoria-Oriental-Bay CRP